Objective magnetic sludge removal devices (MSRD) — OISm type

Objective magnetic sludge removal devices (MSRD) — OISm type used for fine purification of heat supply systems (water supply systems) to protect equipment from corrosion and internal deposits (heat exchangers, pumps, pipeline fittings), as well as to remove from the heat supply systems previously formed deposits.

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Differences between objective and network MSRD.

Objective magnetic sludge removal devices (MSRD) differ from the network MSRD by larger surface of magnets per unit volume of water passing through the MSRD. As a consequence, the operation of the objective MSRD is achieved more effective water purification (95%) compared with the network MSRD (up to 67%).  Consequently, the use of the objective MSRD advisable for the protection of heat exchangers and heating systems of buildings, and the network MSRD — for cleaning water network systems and security of boilers from deposits.

Installation sites

The objective MSRD  OISm type is installed in the central heating station and individual heating station before the heat exchanger from the heating side and  before the second stage of heat exchanger from the side of the preheater. As well as, it is installed in the individual heating station of buildings instead of the standard sump taking into account creation of bypass line to allow cleaning of the MSRD without stopping the system.


The manufacturer produces the MSRD OISm type with capacity from 1 to 265 m3/hr.


The objective MSRD OISm type consists of a cylindrical body equipped at the top part with the inlet and outlet nozzles. Inside the body is placed a removable cartridge with partitions, the lower edges of which are puted on a removable perforated sheet. These partitions determine the direction and velocity of water flow. On partitions flat ring magnets are installed. Screen filter is installed at the outlet water. The body is closed from upper side by the flat cap. There is a air valve on this cap. At the bottom side of the body is placed a sludge chamber with drain nozzle. For the purpose of easy work and thorough cleaning of the MSRD, the body cap, partitions and screen filter are made removable to ensuring ease of disassembly.

As additional options are proposed:

  • the body cover lifting device;
  • the MSRD washer device.

Use of these devices allows the follows:

  • to lift the body cover with side shifting;
  • to flush the MSRD without disassembly, which significantly reduces time and complexity of service.

Also it is possible to produce the custom-made MSRD according to the Customer’s size.

This is particularly true for reconstruction of boilers, when there is a unique opportunity to install the MSRD instead the standard sump. Moreover, it significantly reduces the cost of reconstruction.

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