Custom-made products

Custom «soft» TERMOPAKтм products are made ​​under the following conditions:


2. Objects of thermal insulation:

— pipelines fittings (valves, faucet, valves, ball valves, filters, etc.);
— linear sections of pipelines, including branches, reducers, T-branches;
— plate and shell-tube heat exchangers;
— turbines;
— compressors;
— vessels, incl. spherical;
— hatches;
— expansion bellows;
— sea containers (isothermal insulation);
— any other the Customer’s objects, which are required removable insulation.
3. Operating temperatures of the objects:  
— cryogenic units from -400С;
— heating systems up to +1500С;
— technological «hot» shops to +2500С, to +4000С, to +7000С.
4. Price of custom-made «soft» TERMOPAK products.
For calculation of the prices of custom-made products you have to fill out the questionnaire on a particular object. Find questionnaires in partition «Questionnaire». 
If it isnecessary, specialists of our company will come to the site for precise measurement of the insulation object size.
Prices on custom TERMOPAK products are calculated in each case of order based on the Price List and the Questionnaires on specific object.


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