Serial products

Serial «soft» products TERMOPAKтм are produced for:

  • Linear section of pipelines with outer diameter Dn57mm — Dn325mm;

  • Pipelines fittings Dn50mm — Dn600mm.

Serial «soft» products TERMOPAKтм are manufacturing:

  • there are three variants model: ECONOMY , UNIVERSAL and WIREFRAME.

  • there are two temperature ranges — up to +1500С and up to +2500С.

Serial «soft» products TERMOPAKтм are used for:

  • for use indoors;
  • to operate in an air open area.

Serial «soft» TERMOPAKтм products are the complete thermal insulating structure that don’t required for installation and operation of additional materials, including cover fabrics.


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