Thermal insulation TERMOPAK

In 2002, the company’s specialists have developed removable insulation products, as well as have registered trademark TERMOPAKтм.

Products are differented by models, types and performances as: the «hard» and «soft» TERMOPAK products.

Products are manufactured in strict accordance with TU U 26.1-33762208-001:2010 ‘Quick-removable reused insulation TERMOPAK‘                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

What standards are used for production removable insulation TERMOPAKтм?

According to the SNiP 2.04.14-88 «Thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines» p.2.9.:

«Removable insulating structures should be used for insulation hatches, flanges joints, fittings, gaskets and expansion bellows of pipes, as well as in places of measurement and check the conditions of insulated surfaces». 

Sphere of application of removable insulation TERMOPAKтм:

  • pipeline fittings;
  • linear sections of pipelines and their elements — branches, reducers, etc.;
  • turbines;
  • compressors;
  • heat exchangers — plate and shell-tube types;
  • vessels, including  spherical type;
  • hatches, flange joints;
  • Gaskets and expansion bellows of pipes;
  • Any other objects of thermal insulation on the basis of Customers’ specifications.

During the operation of non-isolated fittings the heat losses are equal to the heat losses on straight linear section of pipeline with the same diameter, see examples according to Table:

Technical characteristics  
Density, kg/m3
Operating temperature, оС up to + 700
Coefficient of thermal conductivity with temperature (25 ± 5)оС, W/(м·К), not more  0,034
 Thermal-insulating materials  Basalt mats Ragos, fiberglass, foam rubber, etc. thermal-insulating materials
Covering fabrics   Folmo-, glass-, basalt fabrics, etc.materials
H — thickness , mm  20-200 and more
Compression, % max
Flammability index   Group G1
Packing material   Polyethylene film

Products TERMOPAKтм are developed and applied to the heat transfer agent’s temperature from -400С to 1500С, to+2500С, to+4000С, to+7000С.

     Performance features of products TERMOPAKтм:

  • Easy installation — mounting and dismounting of the product may carry out by one person, on pipeline fittings up to diameter Dn200;
  • Ease of maintenance — assembly and disassembly of the product may carry out by repair team specialists which is serving the steamshop, boiler room, «hot» workshop;
  • Long-term use — the product life of 10-15 years (when removing the product does not lose its functions, it can be re-set on the object during the lifetime — at least 20 cycles of assembly/disassembly); ;
  • Fast payback — payback period of the product is approximately from 2 weeks.
TERMOPAKтм in hard housing                         Product DTV-250/50/100-SK/e-LU-SI.

  • Removable product in zinc galvanized housing for linear sections of pipelibe.
  • Operating temperature +250оС.
  • Product in a hard cover with the operating temperature to +700оС is mass-produced also.
 TERMOPAKтм UNIVERSAL                                  Product DTV-UNI-100/150/50-SI:

  • Removable mass product for valve Dn100.
  • For heating systems.
  • Operating temperature to +1500С.
  • Object — steamshop, Yuzhtepoloenergo, Yuzhny, Odessa region, Ukraine.


Product DTV-219/150/50/1000-К/с-LU:

  • Removable product for linear section of pipeline.
  • The product is waterproof — on both sides coated with thermo-chemical resisted material.
  • Operating temperature to +1500С.
  • Object – JSC «Delta-Wilmar CIS», Yuzhny, Odessa region, Ukraine.
 TERMOPAKтм STANDARD                                         Product DTV-250/100-S/d-ТО:                    

  • Removable product for plate heat-exchanger.
  • The product consists of 4 parts.
  •  The product on both sides coated with thermo-chemical resisted material for protection of insulation from condensation.
  • Operating temperature +50С.
  • Object – cheller room in JCB «Pivdenny», Krasnova str.,6, Odessa, Ukraine.
TERMOPAKтм WIREFRAME                              Product DTV-300/700/150-К/с-ТА:

  • Removable product for control valve Dn300.
  • The product consists of 2 parts.
  • Covering fabric – basalt fabric.
  •  Operating temperature to.+7000С.
  • Object – ammonia production shop at the Odessa port plant, port of Yuzhny, Ukraine.

TERMOPAKтм  products are installed both indoors and on air open sites. Term of production — from 2 weeks depending on the size and specifics of the order.
products will provide reducing the operating and service costs of the pipelines fittings, as well as significant savings of the enterprise assets for these operations, as its are very durable and reusable equipment.

Chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical production complexes, technological production, food processing and sugar industries, nuclear power, turnover water cycles, steamshops, boilers, power plants, heating systems.
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