About our Company

«Center of Energy Saving Technology » Limited has started activity from March 1999.

The main directions of activities are development, production and implementation of energy save products.

Herewith we would like to propose for your attention the new and exclusive products produced by our company as follows:

1. TERMOPAKтм PRODUCTS  — removable high temperature insulation jackets for pipes, fittings, heat exchangers, vessels, turbines and compressors. Operating temperature from -400С to +7000С.

2. BASALT YLINDERS, HALF-CYLINDERS AND SEGMENTS — Products for thermal insulation of pipelines. Operating temperature from -2000С to +3000С.

3. MAGNETIC SUMP AND SLUDGE REMOVAL DEVICES (MSRD) —  industrial  magnetic filters for boilers, for central heating systems, hot water and water circulation cycles. Operating performance from 1 to 7,700 m3/hr.

Our company supplies thermo power equipment and materials as follows:

1. Heat exchangers TRANTER, SWEP, GFTA etc.


3. Fittings DANFOSS, BRANDONI etc.

Our company carries out its own special kinds of work:

1. Thermo insulation of pipelines and its components, and storage equipment.

2. Manufacture and repair, reconstruction and installation of all types of vessels.

3. Installation of gas pipelines and pipelines of all kinds applications  and categories.

4. Production of non-standard equipment and metal structures.

5. Installation and adjustment of instrumentation and automation devices.

6.  Electric installation work.

7. Production and adjustment of the chemical water treatment equipment.

Our company is accredited by the Customs of Ukraine, it provides export and import transactions. We have bank accounts in UAH, Russian Rubles, Euros and U.S. dollars.

We hope for fruitful and long-term cooperation with our Partners.

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